Wooden Spoon


What does this object say to you about being a mum, nan or great-gran? Does it spark a memory, an image, a question or something else? Don't think too hard, just share your first impressions.


Husbands know where their mouth is!


Stirring cakes together with my kids when they were little - then licking the spoon !


Reminds me of the noise my children made when using one as a drumstick on my saucepans


This is a good friend and something I share time with every day.I wouldn't be without it and have a little one as well for littler jobs!


I use a wooden spoon to cook everything! Stirring fry-ups, pasta, chilli, baking a cake. Part of me thinks wooden spoons ought to be unhygienic but the hippy part of me doesn't care at all, and you can't burn your tongue on a wooden spoon when you taste the soup :-)


Stirring Christmas pudding and having a wish


for baking cakes not breaking on bottoms


Some husbands can cook. When I was ill Fred said he would make soup. He opened a tin of cream of chicken and it boiled over a little. So he thought he ought to add more soup and opened another can, but of vegetable and added it to the chicken. When he brought it to me he said it was Chicken and Vegetable soup but my daughter told me that he had spilled the first soup and added another.


It's a drumstick for hitting the pans with while my Mum cooks! :o) x

Kat Sighs

Reminds me of puppets when my kids were young. Painting on a smile and eyes and a hankie for head scarf and hilarious stories made up with silly voices


Very stirring image


making cakes and licking the spoon, of course!


Nicely seasoned!

Blue Bear Wood

A wooden spoons sparks so many thoughts in my head. Spoon puppets my Nana used to make me when I was a child. Licking out the bowl when my Mum made a cake and fighting over who got the spoon. Hansel and Gretel and witches with cauldrons. Never having the right spoon for the job. Agas and country kitchens. Fudge making that I never get quite right. Stirring and argument . Abstract pieces of art.... I could go on


Porridge every morning for me, Chaos and now little Squish!

Kat Sighs

Breakfast, lunch and dinner...Im a full-time chef for our little family


So many puppets from one spoon now all purple puppets thanks to it assisting in a tie-dye afternoon


Granny makes a cake, and I sit on the wooden floor and look up at her. She sprinkles in cinnamon and stirs.