Our Twitter Party: Storified

It's another first! Our first ever 'storify', made of our first ever twitter party, held to celebrate our very first birthday!


This doesn't quite capture everything from our hilarious lovely moving chat. But it does share some of the answers to the story of mum questions we posed - and links to some really fab mums to follow on twitter. Hope you enjoy it!

And thanks to the lovely Mama Bear With Me (aka @HannahLMSmith) for the delicious virtual cakes above... Sadly calorie free.

If you'd like to find out more about our growing creative mums' community, visit our home page for a taster, take a look at some of the activities in that list on the left like Photograph your Chaos, Bake a Pie Chart or for a quickie, Thingspiration.

Our party chat was inspired by these story of mum activities:

I'm a Mum and a...

Feed your Cookie Mumster

If it Weren't for the Kids

Join our Mum's Poem

Award Winning Mums

More info on joining up (it's free, it's quick, we'd love to have you) is here.

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As well as being an exhausted but mostly happy mum, and one of the founders of Story of Mum, I write and work as a Script Consultant on feature films and co-run the Cross Channel Film Lab, helping writers and directors to tell their stories and reach an audience. I live with my surf-obsessed husband, hilarious son and daughter in a chaotic house in Cornwall, UK. Things that make me feel good: the sea, chocolate, zumba, yoga, puddle-jumping, and helping mums to celebrate how awesome and important they are, every day.


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