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Me-time for mums. We dream of it, we need it - but we rarely take it.

We forget that our happiness, self-confidence and energy have a huge impact on everyone around us, and that a happy supported mother at the heart of a family helps everyone feel better.

We offer Mamas' Retreats in all shapes and sizes:

In Cornwall, we offer Sunday morning half-day retreats; day retreats for individuals and small groups; and bespoke residential retreats. Read about our most recent day and residential retreats in Cornwall in May here, join us here for a half day retreat every other month, or let us create a bespoke retreat just for you (and friends if you like)

Online, we host tailor-made virtual retreats for individuals and small groups with our Nurture at Home programme; and one to one sessions and coaching to provide ongoing support. You can also join us for ecourses and online parties - sign up for our next group experience of Sofa Retreat (yes, it's an ecourse and retreat party to be enjoyed from your sofa), or join Five A Day (giving yourself five minutes of mama me-time every day) as a self-led ecourse.

Purchase our DIY Mamas' Retreat Kit and host your own retreat for your mama friends, or join us for a free mini creative retreat for mamas at our regular #somum Mamas' Retreats.

Would you like to buy a lucky mum a GIFT VOUCHER? We are offering gift vouchers for our Sunday Morning Mamas' Retreat with some extra treats (including priority booking). Find out more over here.


Why Mamas' Retreats?

Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of MumAt Story of Mum, we believe that mothers have the power to change the world: together, we're playing a vitally important role in shaping the next generation.

So we support mothers to feel happier, more resilient, valued and vital: and Mamas' Retreats are one of our favourite ways of doing that...

Motherhood is a huge responsibility - a joyful privilege, and an exhausting challenge. One that we experience slow moment by slow moment - and yet which seems to have passed too fast whenever we look back.

Motherhood is hard, exhilarating, life-changing work. Where else can you learn so much about yourself and those you love? It's a constant learning journey.

And yet we receive very little support as mothers.

There's no training, no how-to manual that could possibly serve every individual's experiences. There are no regular support groups or personal development career targets to meet.

It's us, on our own, doing our best in the moment. Over and over again.

Need some rest and inspiration as a mother? Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum.And often, we feel like we're failing.

We fail to see that we're succeeding in so many amazing ways - and that if we just took a little bit of time out to nurture ourselves, we would be capable of so much more.

It would all feel easier, and more joyful - and those insurmountable challenges would become more manageable. We would stay calm when we want to be calm, clear-thinking when we need to act, and brave in the moments that test our love to its core.

We are the heart of our families, and if we feel strong and happy, our families feel strong and happy.

And the impact of our happiness travels far beyond our families. The happier we are as families, the more we are able to support our communities. And as our communities grow stronger, it becomes more possible to create a kinder fairer happier world together.

And we need that. So much. For ourselves. And for our children.

Create a better world for our children: nurture mothers at Story of Mum's Mamas' Retreats

So our Mamas' Retreats are a precious space in which to hear ourselves think again - a rare opportunity to connect with our incredible intuition (which funnily enough is kind of the same as that how-to motherhood manual we've been dreaming of...).

Each retreat is unique, and each gives you a taste of a range of activities that will help you to reconnect with you again. These might include yoga, creative 'makes', free writing, restful meditation, quiet discussion, and joyful celebration. Most importantly, our Mamas’ Retreats offer a precious space where YOU can be nurtured.

It's a chance to connect with other supportive mamas and eat delicious food (no special yoga or art skills required!).

It's your space to use in a way that serves you best - join in with what you fancy, or collapse on the sofa if you just want some quiet time alone. 

Want to be a happier, stronger, kinder mother? Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum

You’ll leave feeling rested, revitalised, and reminded of your strengths.

Yes, we're irreplaceable, and that means that we forget that our families can survive without us for a few hours, maybe even a few days... And that they will actually grow from that, perhaps as much as we do.

Head over to the Virtual Retreats page to find out about tailor-made small group or individual retreats we can host for you online.

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Join a #somum Make Date - a free mini creative Mamas' Retreat on twitter

Fancy something free?

Every month, we host a free mini 'creative retreat' for mamas either over on twitter or in our private facebook group (Mamas' Everyday Retreat): our monthly #somum Mamas' Retreats. These take place on the second Wednesday of every month and everyone is welcome - you just have to join the facebook group to take part.

Hosted by the lovely Pippa, a wonderful supportive group of mamas get together to chat and get creative (the creative bit is optional, you can just chat or lurk if you prefer!).

There's always an inspiring theme and an easy thought-provoling creative activity to play along with. If you'd like a free taste of our Mamas' Retreats, come and join us on twitter!

We also recorded a free Mamas' Retreat Meditation at our last day retreat, complete with birdsong and crashing waves - access that over here.


What do mums say about us?

Here are some lovely words from mamas about our Mamas' Retreats:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Sunday Morning Mamas' Retreat and came away feeling all light and fluffy!! Like someone had lifted a the fog in my head! I noticed how much more patience and general lightheartedness I had returning home after the retreat. I have booked on to the next retreat and am so looking forward to it. The retreat was a wonderful experience and you do an amazing job running these events and Story of Mum."



"I feel more myself today than I did yesterday and I can't thank you enough for that.

 It has been lovely to be supported with other mums. We all have our own inner struggles yet we are fearful to show our weaknesses. The ironic thing is that by sharing those weaknesses, we have all become stronger, more fulfilled women.



“As a working mama, I rarely let myself stop and take time out for me – I’m either working or mothering most of the time. It was wonderful to give myself that gift of space. 

 I loved connecting with other supportive mothers, voicing my hopes and dreams, and eating cake! I left as a stronger mum and woman, rejuvenated and inspired.”  



"The retreat was fabulous -- the yoga was absolutely transformative and set the right tone for the whole morning. I felt like a new woman and was ready to have fun, be creative, and enjoy myselff. 

Getting a chance to sit down, without kids, to talk and learn and be creative was rejuvenating and made me feel excited about my life again."   



"Wonderful company, nurturing yoga, a welcoming and warming vibe, amazing food, and just the right balance of activities.

It felt soft enough to be what you wanted it to be - a sharing experience with other mums that opened me to other mothers stories. I loved the lightness of it and yet it also felt a holding environment.

It was the right setting to look inward, open and share with trust. It all felt like a treat - a well deserved bit of time for me, to honour myself. "  



"The company was a wonderful mix of women who were easy to be with, even though I'd never met any of them before.

I really appreciated the time to be with other mums in a non-judgmental, nurturing environment.

It was great to have time to be away from your everyday responsibilities, time to be alone when you wanted to, yet also the opportunity to talk in a supportive group.

The location was awesomely beautiful and totally away from everything (even though it was only 5 mins from home!). I also appreciated the time to be outdoors and to re-engage with myself and my natural surroundings, time to be creative, and to take gentle exercise. "  



"It was a really calming 24 hours that felt as if it was days worth of deep body and soul nourishment; through amazing food, grounding yoga and wonderful connections with courageous women who shared their stories to inspire us all...and the hugs...can't forget the hugs! 

I loved the location, the yoga, the food, the creativity, the connection that Pippa was able to bring to the group, the hugs, the sea, the other gorgeous mummies....everything! I really enjoyed connecting with my body again and I've looked into local yoga classes!

I also really enjoyed doing the nurturing collage, it is on my wall next to my bed, it was a very powerful exercise and to see others' stories come out via a series of pictures was amazing too."   



"I loved the Mamas’ Retreat. The retreat creates time to escape the busy life you have at home, a chance to connect with like-minded people, and to find some peace and calm.

You can be creative, meditate and be at one with yourself, but also share and speak with others too."  



"When I first heard about the DIY retreat kit, I thought, that’s not really my thing. Of course I realize now that the resistance was coming up because I usually put my self care on the back burner when things get crazy. After using the kit I have to say, I totally recommend it to anyone who could use more self care in their lives.

My favorite part was creating the compliment boxes. Now, when I’m having a rough day I stop and look through my box, trying to experience some of the same positive feelings I had during the experience. I actually really enjoy crafting but I don’t make nearly enough time to fit it in. Even if you think this kind of thing “isn’t for you” I’d definitely suggest you give it a try. I’ll be scheduling another one of these in the summer".   

Patricia Talavera, Save Your Time Biz Solutions


"It was a very beautiful and liberating experience and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to any mum. 

 The Mamas’ Retreat gave me the opportunity to be me! Being in a group of women who share the challenging role of being a mum felt safe, and that encouraged me to think and talk more openly about the ups and downs of my life. The retreat also gave me a rare chance to be creative, and to get in touch with both my mind and my body though gentle yoga. 

I was able to take a step aside from my normal daily routine and reflect on what I achieve each day as a juggling mum. I left the day feeling stronger and more appreciated, and I still take a look at the compliments in my box when I need a boost. .” 


“The yoga session was a great way to transition from home and kids and a rushing mind to 
a more present and connected me. It was very affirming (and fun!) to share the joys and struggles of motherhood with other women and led to some valuable insights. 

I loved doing creative stuff that I would never normally find the time to do. I came away feeling uplifted and inspired.” 



The Mamas' Retreat was essential maintenance and empowering and a giggle all at once!

 The Mamas’ Retreat was immediately a very honest space to expose my vulnerabilities and support others to do the same, and that helped me enormously to move forward with some of the worries I had been harbouring on my own. Exposed to the light, I could forgive myself for not being perfect, and then feel light-hearted about it.

Creating space for yourself is rare as a mum, but I think space with other mums to actually focus on looking at how being a parent affects you is even rarer." 




"I loved everything about the Mamas’ Retreat. It was a great venue, well organised, with great people. Actually spending time alone, not doing anything, is so rare that it really enabled me to think freely.

I loved everyone's honesty and that we could laugh together, as well as cry. I think focusing on our need to nourish ourselves was so important.

It was a chance to step back from the day to day and think of ways to nourish yourself so that you have the energy to be the best you can be - renewing my energy and enthusiasm."