Love Mum-Body

Join us to celebrate all mama-bodies. Here, you can find images of real mum-bodies and powerful words about mothers' experiences of coming to terms with these. You can add your own image below, add lines to our communal Ode to Mum-Bodies, or contact us to share your own body journey.

Being a mum changes your body. But every mum's body is amazing, miraculous, beautiful. To join this activity, focus on a part of your body that has changed since you brought children into the world: a stretch mark, a wrinkle, a wider smile perhaps? Share it with us. Love your Mum Body.

Click on 'read more' below to read fantastic #Lovemumbody guest posts from mums. In addition to the links below, you might also enjoy this post from a #somum Make Date: conversations and creations from mothers relating to our mum-bodies: Belly-flaps, Spider Veins and Hobbit-toes.