I Love You Mum, by Hannah Kitchen

Mum and I are best friends and really enjoy each other’s company.  When my first child was born and it was a girl, I remember saying to my Mum how pleased I was to have a daughter, as I hoped to have a similar close relationship with her.  

My daughter Polly was then diagnosed with autism when she was three, and I was completely devastated.  For a while it felt as if my whole world had fallen apart, and without my Mum’s love and “hands on” support, I don’t know how I would have got through those initial dark days.  

Polly is now a happy and sweet natured five year old.  I have a very close bond with her, but as she struggles to communicate and can’t talk, it’s a different type of relationship from the one I have with my Mum who was, and still is a tower of strength. I feel so lucky to have her in my life.  

Anything practical and relating to gardening makes a good gift for my Mum, so for storyofmum.com's Pack-A-Pocket task, I'm going to slip a large ball of string on a spool in her pocket!  I remember buying her some makeup in a makeup bag once as a gift, and the next time I came across the bag there was no makeup in it, but wirecutters and pliers.  She was using it as a tool bag instead. That sums my Mum up.