I Love You Mum, by cake

I was listening to the radio with my mum and someone was talking about having been the first Western woman to travel in Iran in 1968. My mum looked up and said ‘I was there in 1967’.

Seeing her as my reliable, selfless mum, it’s easy to forget that when she was 18, she just upped and left to backpack all over the world. Hearing about her independent travels reminded me that nothing is impossible, you can make what you want of your life.

I found an old photo of her boarding the Castel Felice ocean liner aged 20 on her way from  New Zealand to  Curacao, South America and slipped that in her pocket as her secret treat as she's had a lot of stress recently worrying and supporting sick, elderly parents and tirelessly helping two struggling daughters with young families. I hope that it will remind her of that young woman who has inspired us, and of who she still is.