I Love You Mum, by Anna

I’m getting some gold paint for my mum’s Pack-A-Pocket treat. She’s taken up painting in her 70’s. She tries all sorts, landscapes, portraits, figurative, and now, abstracts and collage. Having spent most of her life caring for other people, there is now a whole back room in her house dedicated to her painting. A room of her own at last, as Virginia Woolf once said.

She was a single parent for most of my brother and I’s growing up, in a time when that was not the norm, and looked down upon somewhat. She worked all hours in West Cornwall hospital, I remember being the only child in the class to have free school dinners and asking her if we could pay to save the humiliation of :“Annamaria Murphy, free school dinner?” being read out everyday at register. She made up a story about how she’d won them in a competition.

So gold seems appropriate, not the hard metal, meaningless in these times, but gold paint to gild her lilies. (She likes to paint lilies)