Help and support

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If you need help in other areas of your life, the organisations and websites below may be able to provide support in the UK. 

  • BBC Parenting This BBC site offers a comprehensive list of support organisations in the UK.
  • NHS Direct - Helpline and gateway to health information on the internet.
  • On Divorce - A list of support organisations for marriage and mediation, domestic violence, relationships, families and parenting
  • The Samaritans - You can talk to the Samaritans 24 hours a day, in your own way, off the record, about anything you like. 

maternity matters 


A blog dedicated to raising awareness of birth trauma, the positive birth choices that women are entitled to make, and the steps which families can take to move on with their lives after a traumatic birth.


We are constantly adding to this list, so if you have any other suggestions of organisations, blogs or websites to add here, please get in touch. 

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