Handle with Care

Busy day? What have your hands been doing?

Mums are always doing more than one thing at a time.

Let your fingers tell us how many things you have touched today and how. 

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Pulled my son into our bed and hugged him tight, turned my phone alarm of three times (yes three), tucked my boys in... Debra
antibiotic and steroid creams, courgettes in the rain, raspberries in the rain, steering wheel-driving son to school... mummymcd
I've touched my daughter, husband, cat, laptop, chicken wings, bbq, daughter's tent, toys, everything in my kitchen,... Little Steps
I woke up with hair all over my face which I had to remove and then I pulled back the covers. I gave my children hugs... superbee
Rocked moses basket, pulled on music star, put dummy in baby's mouth, moved my pillows around, checked time on phone: 6... lgraciano
Fed babies, washed up, wiped table, wiped faces, wiped bums (not with same cloth!) put washing in, put washing out,... Kat Sighs
Switched off alarm, wiped a bum, got a toddler dressed, washed, steered car, handed over schoolbags & lunches,... Onestopbugshop
held hands, wiped noses, carried bags, typed on keyboards, steered the car, made pack lunches, stirred a drink, stroked... squeakypigshop
Opened doors, found clothes, brushed hair, prepared food, wiped faces, changed nappies, used my phone, played in the... Emma
today I have sorted out member accounts started uploading stuff to the little doers shop, looked after baby & SN... LoveMakeCreate
I sorted out kit items, tested newly designed packs with children, bf my baby, drew with baby and pre schooler. Drank... LoveMakeCreate
today my hands...brushed three lots of blond curly hair, changed a variety of nappies, made toasted sarnies of cheddar... Yoganini
I felt the bump wriggle, bulge and kick; buttered toast, scrambled eggs; folded baby clothes in readiness; checked... LauraFrancesMartin
tickled my toddler's toes, brushed his teeth, drawn a train track in the sand almost the entire length of the beach,... naomi
Gave a cuddle, wiped a bottom, whisked up some pancakes, made a very spacific packed lunch so the dinner lady won't... bec applebee
In the cinema this afternoon I passed the maltesers; balanced the popcorn; stuffed the coats down the back of littlest... lorna
Just keep combing, combing combing combing. Little one (who's 2) came to me tonight and asked for her turn of combing... lorna
One by one, all of the children became unwell. I ran between sick children, up and down the corridoor, taking... lorna
my hands have touched the following. wood, coal, fir cones for fire, cardboard for notebook making, cake, more cake, my... Anna
big hugs good morning,squeezed oranges for us, played ball with Nico, counted down the steps holding his hand, held him... Mamma Ali