Decorate your Family Tree

Make and decorate a family tree with leaves that represent the personal qualities of three generations: you, your mother, and your children.

bottom to top: gorgeous, lively, cheeky - caring, funny, loving - generous, stubborn, active

bottom to top: Supportive, caring, loving - protective, loyal, shy - mischievous, happy, gorgeous - clever, bold, inquisitive

bottom to top: kind, helpful, caring - playful, colourful, caring - beautiful, independent, clever

bottom to top: selfish, distant, inconsiderate - humourous, sporty, determined - sensitive, creative, proud - strong,valued, loving

bottom to top: wise, loving, beautiful - clever, hard-working, caring - cheeky, gorgeous, kind

bottom to top: determined, strong, amazing - caring, confident, beautiful - cuddly, cute, kind

bottom to top: Wise, stubborn, strong - hormonal, loyal, funny - handsome, inquisitive, mischievous

bottom to top: fussy, nosey, resilient - sympathetic (?), funny, imperfect - gorgeous, unconfident, kind

bottom to top: Nutty, truthly, gobby - stubborn, chilled, gobby - loving, tender, trouble - active, chubby, smiley

bottom to top: Encouraging, loving, kind - argumentative, giving, protective - cuddly, inquisitive, whiney

bottom to top: Loving, supportive, beautiful - loyal, stressed, insecure - clever, gorgeous, gobby

Bottom to top: energetic, supportive, generous - strong, gentle, aspiring - strong-willed, kind, imaginative - expressive, calm, fun

bottom to top: Loving, caring and truthful - caring, big softy and dumb - playful, healthy and happy