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Three years old

We're officially three years old today!

To celebrate, we're sharing a couple of stories from Story of Mum mamas about what Story of Mum has meant to them.

Story of Mum is three years old! Hear how the project has helped mums grow.

We are so proud of reaching three years with you all. And of those brave mamas who are sharing their stories here with us today. Thank you.

We'll also be sharing fabulous old posts, and giving away a DIY Mamas' Retreat Kit on twitter (share this post and cc @storyofmum on twitter to enter), and another one on facebook, so look out for the tweets and posts for more info...!

You can also enter to win one by commenting below and sharing your thoughts on Story of Mum... 

That's 3 fabulous chances to win today!

Last but not least, we're celebrating by sharing the picture of us where we look most pretty, (thanks Pat Kelman!)

pippa and penny best, story of mum - credit: Pat Kelman

“I discovered Story of Mum at a time when I was very low and feeling totally isolated. I suffered badly with PND (post natal depression) and had no support other than my husband.

I felt worthless as a woman, a wife and a mother. Connecting with other Mums online through creative activities and discussion helped me realise that I wasn't the only one struggling and feeling like I was failing.

This was the turning point for me as I was no longer alone but part of a friendly, supportive, loving online community. These wonderful ladies are now amongst my closest friends, several of whom I have had the great pleasure to meet.

I highly recommend every aspect of Story of Mum to women everywhere, to help you feel whole again.”

Kat Pearce

Story of Mum Exhibition, The Exchange

““When, in September 2013, I attended my first Story of Mum event - the Mums’ Make Date at The Exchange, Penzance - I had only recently relocated to Cornwall from the West Midlands.  My daughter had started at her first school in Penzance the previous week, and I knew no-one!  I was feeling quite isolated, and having had severe Postnatal Depression after my daughter’s birth, I knew it was not good for me to feel this disconnection.  The Story of Mum flyer had come home in my daughter’s schoolbag, and I promised myself I would summon up the courage to go along.  My goodness how glad I am that I did!    

At the end of that evening the feedback form asked how I was feeling about motherhood… my answer was clear - “Much better than before I came out”. 

That evening, just a brief but eye-opening couple of hours - was the start of a revitalizing journey for me.  Story of Mum, its honest and open approach to motherhood, and all its various madcap, thought-provoking, soul-searching, celebratory activities, has made such a difference in my life as a mum. 

It has helped me to feel “normal” - like I’m not the only one struggling with (whatever this week’s “issue” is) being a parent!  The shared stories - at the exhibition, on the website, on the twitter “Make Dates” - have reassured me, uplifted me, comforted me, inspired me, helped me to laugh at myself, and allowed me to cry – in empathy, in joy, and yes in sadness. 

At times Story of Mum has simply kept me sane!  It has given me more confidence in my abilities as a mum, and helped me to find a balance between being a mum - and being “me”.  I have even felt able (with lots of lovely guilt-free “permission” and encouragement from Story of Mum), to attend a Mamas’ Retreat… 6 months ago I couldn’t have imagined myself ever doing that.     

It has been wonderful to meet, spend precious time with, and share thoughts, ideas, angst, and laughter with such a diverse group of women, face-to-face, and online at the monthly “Mamas Make Dates”.  I have never before been amongst such a group of supportive, non-judgmental mums with not a clique in sight!  I have connected with lots of truly fabulous women, and made friends that I wouldn’t have done otherwise.  Not only has this benefitted me, but also my daughter because of the mums and children that she has connected with, and the happier person that I am.  Truly, Story of Mum is a warm, welcoming and nurturing community which I am immensely glad to feel part of."

Pippa Lilley

I'm a mum and a... 

And as for me? Well, Story of Mum has reconnected me to my creativity, and helped me to find a new identity when I felt lost. It has supported me to make sense of the challenging transition from career woman to mother, and to become passionate about giving invisible mothers a voice.

It has boosted my confidence, got me doing things that terrified me but which felt amazing, and reassured me with humour and honesty when I feel like I'm the only mum in the world who messes up. It has helped me to make time to look after myself, and to overcome bad mummy shame at my horrendously messy house.

Projects like Love Mum Body have helped me to dramatically change my relationship with my body. And I have loved the opportunity to spend time and grow a project with my own inspiring mother (especially when I got to do that in New York...!).

Most of all, Story of Mum has connected me to an amazing global tribe of mamas that support me in feeling like I can do anything I dream of.

I hope it does the same for you, and I am so grateful to all of YOU.

Thank you for joining us on this amazing journey these past three years.


Come join our next #somum Make Date on Wednesday 9 April from 8.30 - 10pm GMT (find world times here). We have some more fantastic prizes for you! Find out more here.


Thanks to Andra Alexander, Ian Kingsnorth Pat Kelman and Chris Webber for the photos above.

Special events at The Exchange

We've got some more great special events coming up for mums at The Exchange in Penzance this month as part of our travelling exhibition - find out more below.

To book to come along for some networking or retreating, contact miranda@digitalpeninsula.com. Places are limited and going fast, so jump in now!

PS everything is FREE because we love you. The forecast for cake is looking good too.

Find out more about our exhibition here.

flyer for events at the Exchange

Sharing our mama identities at BritMums Live

motherhood exhibitionI've just loaded up all the "I'm a mum and a..." photos I took at BritMums Live this weekend, and the gallery is looking amazing. Let the images scroll on by.

We are the same and we are different and we are all unique. 

It's powerful stuff - funny, thought-provoking, heart-breaking and inspiring, and I'm so grateful to all the mothers (and one brave widower) who have taken part so far.

The gallery will continue to grow day by day as "Story of Mum: Mums making an exhibition of ourselves" travels around England in real life, and the world online. Including a wonderful virtual tour - check out some of the posts so far here.

There are well over 200 contributions to "I'm a mum and a..." now and it's fascinating how some words are starting to come up more often than others...  

Us mums are often also dreamers, crafters, poets and artists, dancers, and there's a wonderful groundswell of writers.

There are nanas, daughters, friends, wives, and referees. 

There are some proud me's reclaiming their identities, and others on a journey to find themselves. 

We're addicted to chocolate, tired and crazy. And we're trying our best.

Visit the gallery here.

Read more about my experience of BritMums Live here.

You can add your own picture at any time by visiting the gallery and clicking on 'join in' (if it still says 'join us' you'll need to register with story of mum first - which doesn't take very long, and means you get to hang out with us some more which can only be a good thing...!)

mum and an ear wiggler   mum and a survivor    mum and bibs award winner    mum and education reformer

PS If you're visiting from BritMums Live! and want to find your own photo to see how absolutely beautiful you look (because, yes, you all did), you can scroll through the gallery or visit the BritMums page here that lists all of the pictures I took there.

PPS If you sign up for our newsletter you get a free book of mums' reward charts. You deserve them. Just saying...

Join our next Mamas' Retreat on Sunday 26 October

Join a Sunday Morning Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum and Leif Olsen


Ticket sales are open for our next Sunday Morning Mamas' Retreat! 

Book your ticket using the payment button at the bottom of this page.

Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum and Leif Olsen

A Mamas' Retreat is a space to remember that we matter too.

You deserve it. You need it.

And you and your family will be all the stronger for you taking a few hours out to nurture YOU.

What will we do?

We’ll be doing some gentle yoga with the lovely Leif Olsen, getting creative with Pippa Best of Story of Mum, and chatting with other supportive mamas (whilst eating cake...)

Most importantly, you’ll have precious space to hear yourself think.

Join a Mamas' Retreat with Leif Olsen and Pippa Best of Story of Mum

No special skills or equipment required. You don’t need to be ‘creative’, or to have done yoga before.

After a lovely heart-warming morning, you’ll leave feeling reconnected to YOU.

We'll provide the yoga mats, creative stimulation and the relaxation. 

You just need to bring yourself and the knowledge that you need some precious time for you. 

You’ll leave feeling refreshed, supported, purposeful and happier. 

And ready to face the rest of half term with a smile on your face...


Where? At Leif’s studio, Garbo House, Bread Street, Penzance

What about food? We’ll provide tea and treats, and now lunch too!* 

When?  9.30 – 1.30, Sunday 26 October

How much does it cost? £25, plus £3.50 for lunch* 

*Yes, this time, we've decided to try including lunch! A choice of two delicious soups (made by the brilliant Kate Binnie) with fresh bread, plus of course cake and frozen chocolate banana treats... While this makes it a bit more expensive up front, we hope it will make your life easier, taking away a bit of the 'what shall I bring??' stress and actually working out a little cheaper.

Let us know if you have any special dietary requirements when you book your ticket, and we’ll do our best to meet your needs when we’re making cakes and soup!

Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of MumHow many mamas will be there? 

Places are limited, so it won’t be a scarily big group – just lots of lovely mamas coming together to nurture ourselves and support each other.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you'd really like to come, but can't afford it, please do get in touch - we want as many mums as possible to have this experience and will do our best to make it happen at a price you can afford.

For terms and conditions, head over here.

Visit the Half Day Retreats page to find out more and hear from some lovely mamas about what we do on a half day retreat, and why they love to come.

When are the next retreats?

Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of MumWe have a different theme and focus each month, and you're welcome to join us as often as you like!

Come and join us on:

Sunday 30 November 2014

January 2015 date TBC

Sunday 8 February 2015

Tickets go on sale a few weeks in advance of each session.

We often offer special early bird deals for Story of Mum members, so make sure you've joined us over here and signed up for 'selected blogs' to be the first to find out!


Don't miss out on this time for you - buy your ticket by clicking on 'add to cart' below:


 Regular Retreat Ticket (£25 plus £3.50 lunch)

Meditating mamas

How have you been doing with our week of unlikely meditating, mamas?

Unlikely Meditations for Mamas

I've been quite poorly this week, so actually I've been avoiding doing a lot of the chores completely and just focusing on getting my head down and getting the bit of work done that I needed to do, as well as having A LOT of movie nights with the kids. They seem to have survived...

Even so, I loved re-reading your meditations each day and being inspired to focus on the moment, and to see the positive in my life. Instead of focusing on being grumpy about feeling ill and eating more chocolate. 

I did still eat a lot of chocolate, obviously.

As we have so many fab meditations from you, we're going to continue sharing into next week - and if you'd like to find out what we talked about at our meditating #somum Make Date you can catch up in the storify below...

And visit all the unlikely meditations over here - we'd love more, so if you have one, share it with us!


Or is that nom nom nom...?

Join our next #somum Make Date on twitter

On Wednesday 8 October from 8.30 - 10pm UK time (world times here), we'll be getting together to get creative and chat with other lovely mums. We'd love you to join us!

Write your own unlikely (but useful!) Meditation for Mamas with Story of Mum

This month, we have a written activity (Unlikely Meditations for Mamas) - or a messy activity (mono-printing your mama story for The School of Uganglish) - so take your pick!

So we'll be chilling out, making whale noises on request, and/or making a great big mess together.

Failing all that, we'll be chatting, of course...

NOTE: The messy activity is definitely a challenging one to attempt at the best of times, let alone while you're on twitter! So it might be more of a 'here's one I made earlier' session...

It is however great fun to do with the kids, so if you fancy having a play and showing us what you've made (or at the very least your acrylic-paint stained hands...), we'd love that too of course.

Unlikely Meditations for Mamas

A meditation for washing up

This month’s #somum activity is to write your own short Unlikely Meditation for Mamas and design a deliciously cheesy CD cover for it.

So far I've written a Meditation for Washing Up (I HATE washing up) and A Meditation for the Last Few Minutes of Work-Time Before Collecting the Kids - both are serving me well...!!

Maybe you’ll write your own washing up meditation, or a meditation for hoovering, treading on lego, changing nappies, harassing children to get their shoes on, trying to get colicky babies to sleep, sorting unending washing: whatever’s winding you up right now. 

Whatever it is, let's come together to conjure up some probably un-zen-like but remarkably effective words to help us through those everyday unmagical moments. 

You can upload your words here.

Mono-print your mama-story

Making mono-prints with the kidsThis month, we'll also be joining in with the amazing and inspirational School of Uganglish from AfroRetro and having a go at printing our mama stories for their exhibition.

Below you can download a handy PDF to explain how to have a go at making a mono print if you've never done it before. Me and the kids have just had a go and it was a hilarious mess. 

Once we'd worked out how to spread paint, and make a convincing mark in it, (this took quite a long time...!) we then tried to think about what symbols and patterns might represent different aspects of our stories.

What simple patterns or images might capture your mama journey so far?

We'd love you to share a photo with us if you make one (I might even attempt to make a proper gallery for them here too if more people than me have a go...!)

You can see one of my first attempts below. I'll explain what on earth I was trying to print on Wednesda...y!

Pippa's attempt at mono-printing her mama story...You can find out more about the ingenious culture-blending sisters behind The School of Uganglish in their recent post for the fabulous Oh My Handmade. Watch this video about their very deserving Kickstarter project, and visit their website here to find out how YOU can join in and create your very own mono-print too. 

If you're in London, you could even go to one of the School of Uganglish's brilliant workshops, lucky you! Then you'd actually have someone who knows what they're doing helping you to make your first mono-print, we could have definitely done with that this afternoon!

What is a #somum Make Date?

It's a chance for mums to get together on twitter and tweet while we attempt to do something creative - like doodlingtaking a photowriting poetrymaking stuff or even squidging plasticine.

We give ourselves some creative me-time and connect with other lovely mums. We do it every second Wednesday of the month (apart from next month, November, when it will randomly be the third Wednesday...) and we would love you to join us. New friends are always very welcome.

You don't have to be a clever crafter, an artist or wordsmith. We're all about having a go regardless of talent or experience. Most of all, it's about getting together and having fun.

If you just want to chat, that's completely fine. If you just want to make something and lurk and never tell us you're there, that's fine too. We're just happy you're making time for you. 

Look forward to seeing you there!

PS Here's the PDF showing you how to make lots of mess and have fun making your very own mono-print of your mama story:

The perfect gift for a new mama?

New mamas don't often get a gift for themselves, it's all about the baby. And yet becoming a mother is one of the biggest life changes you can experience. It's challenging, and wonderful, and confusing, all at once.

Mums need more than baby-grows and rattles, and luckily we have just the thing to suggest...!

Save 90% on the New Mama Welcome Pack

We want to spread the word about an incredible 90% sale offer on a unique gift pack especially designed to nurture and support mamas in those early stages. It even includes mamas' reward charts from us...!

For the next four days, we’re teaming up with Catherine Redfern and the 60 other lovely contributors to the New Mama Welcome Pack to spread the word about a huge reduction on the price of the pack (yes, it's 90% off!) between 2pm on 30 September and 2pm on 3 October 2014 (that's UK times).

becoming a mother is challenging, wonderful and difficultSo if you know a mama-to-be, and would love to send them an encouraging and inspiring treat throughout the first three months of brand new motherhood, crafted especially for them, don't miss this opportunity.

Once you’ve purchased a gift voucher, the lucky recipient can sign up to receive the kit any time.

So you'll be giving your mama friend a gift she truly needs, at a price you can afford (it's £29).

But that's not the only good you'll be doing...

Buy it now (using our link)

Buying the kit will  help mothers and children worldwide:

If you buy a New Mama Welcome Pack via our link, you’ll also be supporting Story of Mum (because as a participant-affiliate we’ll get £20 from each sale). So thank you!

Save the Children logoBut even more importantly, as well as our work here nurturing the mothers of the world, we want to make a positive difference for suffering children everywhere, so...

If you buy a kit during the sale, we’ll give £10 of each £20 to Save the Children.

This will help to support their work caring for children in more than 120 countries including the UK, as well as providing vital support in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other war-torn areas.

So, to recap... your £29 purchase of the New Mama Welcome Pack will:

New Mama Welcome Pack - superstar!* Help your friend through one of the most difficult and incredible experiences of her life

* Demonstrate what a great friend you are ;)

* Help Story of Mum to continue our work encouraging mothers to beat bad mummy guilt, boost confidence, get creative and carve out vital mama me-time

* Help children around the world via a massive donation to Save the Children.

Buy it now (using our link)

And if you've still not decided that this is A VERY GOOD THING...?

We have some extra goodies for you!

Winning at Bad Mummy Bingo

We want to make this a one-off unbeatable offer, and raise as much money as we can for great causes during the sale.

So we're also going to throw in some extra goodies...

These are all yours FOR FREE if you buy a welcome pack via Story of Mum during the sale period:

- How to be a Gold Star Mama (an e-book of Mamas’ Reward Charts to remind you of the amazing little things you do every day)

- 2 printable Gold Star Mama cards - one for a special mama who needs cheering up, and another with a reward chart for a new mama

- Your very own printable Bad Mummy Bingo cards (a reassuring laughter-filled game, admitting the things we do that make us feel like bad mummies, and realising that we're not alone...!)

DIY Mamas' Retreat Kit- a tiny print-and-make mini-book stuffed with advice shared by lovely mamas recently for our New Mama Mantra activity (hot off the press later this week...!)

- a special DISCOUNT CODE for our DIY Mamas’ Retreat Kit that will give you £20 off if you buy before 5 October (making the DIY Mamas' Retreat Kit an absolute bargain at just £15!!)

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE - to get these extra goodies and ensure your contribution is donated as described above, you need to buy your New Mama Welcome Pack using THIS LINK. You'll also need to forward us the email that you receive after purchase (entitled “New Mama Welcome Pack How to access (save this email)” so that we can issue the extra goodies to you later that day, and donate to Save the Children.

Buy it now (using our link)

This sounds amazing, but you'd really like to know more about the pack...?

What's in the new mama welcomepack?

It includes moving video messages, powerful stories, practical tips, motivational advice, relaxing meditations, helpful and hilarious ebooks, printable art, and guilt-crushing pep-talks, and a virtual ‘high five’ for your ‘little’ (actually huge!) daily achievements.


Here's a taste of just some of the humungous list of goodies it includes (you can find out about all the rest over here)

New Mama Welcome Pack - contributors

* Stop being your own worst critic with Krystal Trammell (video and ebook)

* Get from chaos to calm in 7 days with Lisa Grace Byrne (7 day video course)

* Help your physical recovery – naturally with Laura Schuerwegen (ebook)

* Define your new identity in a way that suits you with Sonia Singh (article)

* How to craft a home full of love to suit your new family with Maya Hackett (printable planner)

* Three simple ways to take stunning photographs of yourself with baby with Vicki Knights (video)

Get things done when baby doesn’t want to be put down (EVER!) with Renee Duffin (ebook and 5x video training)

New Mama Welcome Pack - videos

* Ask for help guilt-free: and get it! with Jessica Cary (video)

* Recharge your batteries during nap-time with Laura Sturdy (audio meditation)

* How to use maternity leave to reconsider your work and career goals with Soozi Baggs (video)

* Why you’re not alone with all those feelings you’re having with Lucy H. Pearce (Moods of Motherhood ebook)

* How to adjust gently with Steffie Vandierendonck (3x videos and article)

* How to have compassion for yourself with Morgan Day Cecil (article, meditation, printable artwork)

* 6 tips to kick back, stay close to home and relax in the first three months of mamahood) with Kathy Stowell (video)

New Mama Welcome Pack - contributors* Safely stretch your glorious body with pilates by Natalie Garay (2 videos)

* Stay healthy and fit after baby with Dr Haley Harvey (ebook)

* Why you're not a terrible mother by Ann Charles (article)

In addition, the New Mama Welcome Pack is beautifully illustrated with beautiful artwork and photographs from 16 artists and photographers. 

Most importantly of all, the welcome pack helps you find your own way to be a mother – not the way someone else tells you to do it.

Here’s the all important LINK to buy your New Mama Welcome Pack, get all the extra goodies, and help mothers and children worldwide.

Buy it now (using our link)

Just make sure you buy before 2pm UK time on 3 October.

PS This is the only product that I've ever been an affiliate for - I'm proud to be so because I really feel it helps new mamas get a running start into motherhood at such a challenging time.

OK, I'm ready, I'd really like to BUY IT NOW.

Make Date news and more!

Ooh we had fun making fortune-tellers and sharing how we recover from the bad days at this month's Make Date. 

Make yourself a Feel-Good Fortune Teller like this one from @thisiswiss

Read my storify over here (for some reason I can't embed it here, sorry!) and share your own cootie-catcher with us in the gallery.

And in other spirit-lifting news, my recent blog post The Contradictions of Bliss is now part of a lovely little ebook of posts put together by lovely Kathy Stowell of Bliss Beyond Naptime. You can read it or download it over here, and there's even an audio version if you want to listen while jogging (well, you never know...!)

What's more... it was also featured by the lovely Siobhan on the fabulous new website Post 40 Bloggers (because, yes I am older than 40...). 

We'd love you to share your ups and downs with us in a cootie-catcher over here.

Join our next #somum Make Date this Weds!

Join us this Wednesday 10 September on twitter from 8.30-10pm UK time (find your time zone here)

Join a #somum creative Make Date on twitter with Story of Mum

What sort of stuff did you love making as a child?

I used to love making paper fortune tellers.

Even though I'd filled them all with words I wrote myself, somehow I was always surprised when I opened one up moments later to find a lucky 'fortune'.

Well this month we've decided to reinvent them as a fun way to combat those bad days we have as mothers: Feel-Good Fortune Tellers.

Let's fill our grown up mama fortune-tellers with lovely things we'd say to a friend who was feeling bad.

And when we're feeling bad, and we open up our fortune-teller, we'll hopefully be reminded to treat ourselves with that same kindness.

Will you make one with us?

Make a Feel-Good Fortune Teller with Story of MumWhat's a Make Date?

It's a chance for mums to get together on twitter and tweet while we attempt to do something creative - like doodlingtaking a photowriting poetrymaking stuff or even squidging plasticine.

We give ourselves some creative me-time and connect with other lovely mums. We do it every second Wednesday of the month and we would love you to join us. New friends are always very welcome.

You don't have to be a clever crafter, an artist or wordsmith. We're all about having a go regardless of talent or experience. Most of all, it's about getting together and having fun.

If you just want to chat, that's completely fine. If you just want to make something and lurk and never tell us you're there, that's fine too. We're just happy you're making time for you. 


Soul nurturing for mamas: 

We're hosting a Sunday Morning Mama's Retreat on 21 September and we'd love you to join us. As of today, there are only TWO precious places left, so please do jump in and book yours now. You deserve it, you really do, and we'd love to see you there.

Your future holds many fabulous feel-good moments...

Mama guilt gremlins? Meet The Self-Carey Godmother

What happens when you think about taking time out for you...? Do you have gremlins and a fairy godmother trying to make your decision for you... or is that just me?

What happens when you think about taking time out for you...? Story of Mum

A couple of weeks ago, a friend texted to say that she and another friend were heading off for a long-awaited spa day. There was a special promotion on, could I join them...?

Well, sadly, here's how the voices played out in my head...* Am I the only one this happens to??

Work gremlin: “Lucky for them. But if I'm not with my kids, I really have to work. It’s the only chance I have to take advantage of my parents visiting this week to provide some VITAL summer childcare…”

Bargain seeker: “But wow that’s a bargain. That is really very reasonable for a WHOLE spa day with a 25 minute massage thrown in." 

Work gremlin: “But I really have to work. Working MATTERS. It’s how I provide for my family. It’s how I move my life forward with urgency and purpose. It’s how I pursue my dreams.”

Undeserving gremlin: “And actually there’s only so much nice stuff I’m allowed to do. Today I went to the beach with my family and we swam and played and had a really nice time. I don't deserve any more treats for a long long time.”

Work gremlin: “I should have been working then too. Because being a mum isn’t REAL work. Not even on the really bad days. But especially not when I ENJOY it.” 

When mama guilt gremlins met my self-carey godmother - Story of Mum

Undeserving gremlin: “Yup. Because there’s an actual official limit to how much fun I should have as a mum. And the house won't clean itself.”

Work gremlin: "Yes indeedy. I need to stop enjoying myself and get PRODUCTIVE. Ignoring my To Do List for a day will make me feel even MORE stressed.”

Self-carey godmother: “Still, it's funny how I run mamas’ retreats and know full well that making time for me would make me work better, dream better, mother better, BE better… and yet here I am, questioning a spa day...”

Work gremlin flicks through emails: “Hippy nonsense.”

... so with all that going on in my poor tired mama head, I decided to sleep on it.

Sadly, even the interventions of my increasingly frustrated self-carey fairy godmother might well have fallen on deaf ears in the end…  were it not for my enormous love of a bargain...!

And so… I had a blissful day.

Chatting with friends. Looking out at the sea. 

Swimming. Steaming. Being massaged. 

When my mama guilt gremlins met my self-carey godmother - Story of Mum

Eating. Drinking prosecco.

Laughing. Resting.

Nurturing and strengthening me-time.

I deserve it.

You deserve it.

It’s so easy to get lost in all the reasons why we don’t deserve time to look after ourselves.

To tell ourselves that we don’t need support and time out as mamas.

That there are always more important things we should be doing.

But there aren’t.

Motherhood is a massive, challenging and valuable job. We need to take a break now and again. More than now and again in fact.

And so - refreshed and rested, I’ve laughed raucously with my kids as we've played and created together over the holidays. I’ve shown them how to look after themselves.

And I feel connected to my friends and self again.

Listen to your self-carey godmother

I feel valued. And valuable.

(And in my paid work? I've knocked out budgets in record time too...)

We all have a fairy godmother looking out for us. We just need to listen really hard for her voice when the gremlins come calling.  Because they shout - and she whispers.

Plus, there’s no shame in enlisting all the help we can get to remind us that we deserve looking after – be that our love of a bargain, a caring friend, this very post, or whatever works for you.

And next time...? You’re all invited of course.

So this month, we’re coming together to make some creative mama me-time and record where our eyes have lingered today – in doodles and words. (I've had great fun doodling in this post too!) We’d love you to join us. Come play with us over here.

We're also hosting a Sunday Morning Mamas' Retreat on 21 September if you'd like to join us in person - we'd love to have you.

* You have my blessing to perform this post in a variety of ridiculous voices in the privacy of your own home ;)

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