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One of my favourite discussions this week was about what we don't want to change about ourselves in 2017.

In January, I always feel I need an antidote to all the adverts and magazine campaigns that say we need to focus on all the things that are 'wrong' with us.

That make us feel like we aren't enough.

So this month's newsletter was my antidote to you.

A ...

An excerpt from this month's newsletter: The kids recently had an awesome (and worryingly ambitious...!) creative idea...

They decided to attempt to make something new and Christmassy from their beloved cardboard blocks to share each day in the run up to Christmas.

...A kind of Christmas construction advent calendar.

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What makes you stop and look after yourself?

How bad does it have to get before you feel worthy of taking a break and putting yourself first?

In recent weeks, I have been worrying about my children's happiness, and about my mum's health.

I've been trying to make sense of unexpected outgoings.

I am supporting some friends ...