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The last challenge of the #magicmakingbusinesscircle Instagram scavenger hunt: show us you. 
So here I am, straight out of the sea this morning after a heavenly swim, the sun unexpectedly warm and bright, the sea silky silver, if a bit seaweedy... This swim and the moments after are the part of the day where I feel most myself: full of joy, possibility, confidence, connection, pride, magic. Tingling all over. 
This moment feels safe, but before this comes vulnerability - changing into my bikini, getting into the cold sea, seaweed wrapping itself round my legs, allowing my body and then my head to be held by the cold water, letting the rolling waves move me as I move myself, keeping faith in the strength of my arms, shoulders, legs as they are tested against the sea. Delighting in water droplets full of sunshine falling from my arms onto my face as I swim a path of light tempting me towards the horizon. I feel part of something much bigger. 
This too is blissful vulnerability: the feeling I identified in yesterday's challenge.

These short morning sea swims have become a practice over the past 3 months, inspired by precious time exploring what I most want and need in @hannahmarcotti's #magicmakingcircle. 
Now I go in most weekdays rain or shine (unless it's stormy with scary big waves, in which case I'll bail completely or go in jubilee pool instead!) It has become a vital part of how I tend to my courage, and to myself.

This photo was taken by one of the lovely group of older swimmers that I've started to join. And... one of the things I most love about it is that my cardy is accidentally tucked into my knickers!! (you tend to get dressed quickly after a cold swim!) I only noticed when I looked at the photo afterwards, and the other swimmers said they'd just assumed it was an intentional fashion statement... so there you go, some blissfully ignorant vulnerability right there too! And precious acceptance, just as I am, whether my clothes are tucked into my knickers or not. They are such a warm funny, inspiring and welcoming group. They give me such hope for my future as I age. I'm so happy to have found them to share these moments with too. 
#storyofmum The #magicmakingbusinesscircle Instagram scavenger hunt challenge today is 'using the way you want to feel inside your business, create an Instagram story to communicate that feeling...' Because that sounded really hard to me, I decided to simply play, and see where that might take me... So this morning I was walking in crunchy leaves and thought yes, that's part of the feeling I want to have, I'll capture that. ...and then I wondered what would happen if I decided to stay aware of my feet for the day and capture any other moments that struck me?

This little game took me to lots of different feelings this morning - crunchy, playful, connected, invigorated, magic, purposeful, rooted, nourished, (and maybe there are still more to come...!) You can watch them all in my Instagram stories above (just today!) This group of friendly feet is my most favourite joyful image for now.

Significantly, since my foot operation at the start of the year, my feet are actually the most painful and vulnerable part of my body. They are where I hold the greatest frustration and struggle, and yet they are so vital, the root of everything, and I'm trying really hard to love them. 
So, I think, using my feet and the qualities/images I've found so far, this playful exploration is coming together for me in a feeling of What if every mother was seen and valued for all she does.
What if we paused to nurture ourselves, just because.

What if every woman felt safe and beautiful in her body.
What if every child felt loved and full of possibility.

What if we had time to listen to each other's stories, 
To learn each other’s lessons in the morning.

What if everyone who was lonely could be hugged.
What if we knew there were enough of us here to fight for love.
What if we could choose just one battle, the one made for us.
And try, and fail, and kiss and cuss
And get up again
in the pursuit of a world that doesn’t hurt so much.

What if we didn’t have to fall so hard, break so deep, to let the beauty in.
What if we all knew that the light was already within.

What if we all shone, bright and proud.
What if that were allowed.

Pippa Best

The challenge for @hannahmarcotti's #magicmakingbusinesscircle Instagram scavenger hunt today: Finish this sentence, For the #magicmakingbusinesscircle instagram scavenger hunt: share someone you admire with your circles... Today, I would like to share five women whose safe spaces and vulnerable authentic courageous work have changed my life for the better in different ways over the past 5 years. 
I am so grateful, and highly recommend them all - follow them, explore their work, join them in a programme if you can: 
@Hannahmarcotti whose Magic Making Circle and many other circles and guidance have transformed the way I see myself and my light so deeply.

@maraglatzel whose ecourse, The Deep Exhale, shifted how I saw rest and self care forever

@brenebrown whose every book, e-course and talk teaches me more about courage and overcoming shame and the power of vulnerability and connection

@blissedbeyondnaptime who introduced me so joyfully to the idea of coaching mothers.

@leonie_dawson, who was my first guide to authenticity and sharing your gifts beautifully in the online space and beyond. 
Also, I want to mention Kristen Neff, who isn't on Instagram but whose work on self compassion has allowed me to practice developing deep kindness for myself in recent years too. 
How very lucky I am, to have shared in the light of these beautiful brave women. I hope you have an opportunity to feel the warmth of their wisdom in your lives too xxx

Whose work inspires you right now? 
#magicmakingcircle #storyofmum #sexyandsanguine #thedeepexhale #bravingthewilderness #selfcompassion Day one of @hannahmarcotti's #magicmakingbusinesscircle Instagram scavenger hunt: thank someone who lifts you up. @kari_herbert: Thankyou for always bringing this much deliciously blurry joy and courageous vulnerability and beauty into my days: the kind of friendship that always makes me feel like I shine brighter, am wiser, and can go further after we meet. Love you (PS I also think you should join in because you would blossom in Magic Making Business Circle and you might even win yourself a place) #friendship #storyofmum #liftup #giggles #laughter Stunning sea this morning as Ophelia makes her way towards us. Warm gusts of heavy air, wild waves, seaspray salting my hair as I walk, and the unnerving sight of Men O War thrown up by the sea all along the low sea walls.  I didn't get in today! Batten down the hatches and keep well back as it's only getting windier as the tide rises. #storyofmum #ophelia #sea