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20 - 24 February 2017

Feeling scared, low, depressed? Make a card for another mama whose courage you admire, and be reminded of your own - this month's creative activity for mothers from Story of Mum

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Make and send a card to a mama whose courage you admire, and help her to see it too.

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Now that's what I call a Frothaccino! This is definitely the best way to wake up. Beats all the late nights and early mornings that come with motherhood, leaving me fresh and grinning (and with a wet bum from sitting on the sea soaked stone wall) :) I had such a joyful little time out for me this morning - a flask of coffee in this perfectly invigorating spot, the sound of seagulls and the big round stones rolling gleefully on the sea floor, as if they're scratching that one deep itch you can never quite get to, a curious hello from a seal, and far in the distance, one of my favourite things - the white splash of a diving gannet on the dark sea: nature's reversed firework display. #Storyofmum #storyofmum5 #mytime #metime #mamaseverydayretreat #mamasretreat #instafilm #coffee #froth Nurturing myself with tasty treats to help me get through a busy home working mama day today: a little bowl of dark chocolate, plump raisins and blanched almonds, and yesterday's risotto repurposed as crispy balls of yummy goodness to have with salad in a moment. How are you nurturing yourself today? #Storyofmum #nurture #mamaseverydayretreat #storyofmum5 Bird, boat and mysterious black object in the water... Couldn't work out if it was a seal or simply a floating object of some sort... It disappeared now and again, but other than that it didn't quite behave as you'd expect from a seal... Could it be the fin of a basking shark (see story above!), probably not, normally you can see a bit of tail and nose as well (and I've never seen one here in the bay...!) hmmmm where there's a question, there's an Invitation to learn! So this was the morning mystery I delighted myself with on my mama me-time morning walk to the sea. May you be curious and intrigued and make me- time for yourself today too. #Storyofmum #storyofmum5 #mamaseverydayretreat Favourite things: beautiful friend, beach time with friends and family, making nature art together from cuttlefish. A moment of mama me-time while the kids played with hubs and a wooden palette upstream... #Storyofmum #mamasretreat #mamaseverydayretreat #friendship #nature #art #natureart Yet more #storyofmum5 me-time, lucky me! Like good self care and making space for me, I know that ginger helps my energy, digestion, healing, and general well-being - all part of helping me to blossom into the best version of myself. It also smells and tastes wonderful. So I add lemon, ginger and turmeric to my daily glasses of water, warm or cold, (got to balance out the coffee!) and take any opportunity to have one of wise mama @burfs27's amazing ginger compresses (with some very nurturing shiatsu thrown in for my poorly foot today too thankyou ♥️). Made even more lovely when I get to share the experience with another special mama friend, as I did today. You deserve the same, mama. You really do. There is something on your to do list that is less important than you are today - take it off and put your own needs on there instead. And join us in Mamas' Everyday Retreat if  reminders like this help you to remember that. #Storyofmum #mamaseverydayretreat #mamasretreat #ginger #gingercompress #shiatsu This is what five minutes for you looks like: a snapshot of filter free mama me-time this morning for #storyofmum5. I know I need to feel the sunshine sparkling off the sea, as a cool breeze fills the laughter lines on my skin with life, in order to keep growing into the strong calm patient happy mama I want to be. I finally know that's more important to me than a perfect tidy house, an unrealistic post-baby body, or a high status career in the big city... I've tried to attain two of those (the body was never going to get towards a magazine ideal, even before it performed the miracle of growing people...) but nothing nurtures me like a few minutes by the sea in the sunshine. Your needs matter, mama. Sometimes it can take us a long time to work out what we really want, to untangle what really makes us happy from all the ideas we're sold about what makes a perfect mother and woman - but when you find it, don't deny yourself that joy, don't deny yourself the time you need to grow alongside your family. Life is short, and by taking time to care for ourselves and do the things we love, in spite of society's impossible ideals and 'shoulds', we teach our children how to do that too. Give yourself five minutes today, and every day xx #storyofmum #mamaseverydayretreat #mamasretreat (join our Facebook group if you want more inspiration to do that, it's Friday My-Day - link in profile in a mo)