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Our super-easy but made with much kiddy-love teacher gifts, given to some very special teachers this year. 
These 'thankyou cards' are simple collage frames inspired by our last Mamas' Retreat activity (easy to cut and fold and littlest got to find letters and enjoy sticking)... And I n the next image, you'll see my top tip: kiddy-decorated delicious chocolate (without any mess woop woop!) from Penzance's awesome new chocolate shop: @mariachicapz - the kids drew pictures and messages for their teachers and Maria Chica added these to their chocolate bars - swipe to see how they turned out...! Littlest, who loves her teachers and TAs very very much, has actually been making gifts for weeks - she also wrote some epic poetry and made some more art, it was a challenge to get her to stop...! While the oldest has been playing up loads this week, really finding mornings hard, and yesterday I finally realised that was because even though he knows and likes his teacher for next year, he actually felt so happy with his current teacher that he's been really sad to leave her class... at least that was his excuse ;) #teachergifts #awesometeachers #luckykids #storyofmum Make a wish. And let go. 
I couldn't have wished for a more beautiful Monday morning: three swims, sunshine, portable work, friends old and new, rest and pleasure, gannets diving and swans in flight. 
Here's hoping your wishes come true today too. 
#storyofmum #instafilm #makeawish Last night a friend and I headed on a rare kid-free outing into the woods with much fear and trepidation to see @wild_works's Wolf Child - no photos are allowed inside the woods so we can't show you the stunning landscape and breathtaking imagery, the incredible performances (which brought me to tears, twice...), the thrilling fear of the darkness all around us, the lines of straightened young girls outlined by the setting sun marching up the hill in a bitter attempt to resist the wild, the howling wolf packs emerging from the mud, and so much more - all of it somehow getting us in the gut and soul all at once. Blistering emotion throughout, conducted within by travelling choirs and musicians... And the wind rustling the sunset-lit leaves of the trees up high, far above the darkness, and the squelch of mud underfoot. Wow. What a powerful tribute to Bill Mitchell, and what an amazing experience to share: thankyou. 
And if there are any tickets left, I urge you to go - wear wellies and waterproofs, take bin bags to protect your bums from the mud, walk carefully, and douse yourself in midge spray. Head into the woods. 
#storyofmum #wolfchild #magic #immersivetheatre #wildworks In other super exciting news... Uncle Chips is here (aka my little brother) with lots of his friends for a visit. We all went out for fish and chips last night to celebrate and 6yo wanted to take a photo of us 'chatting' - she did good. They're fascinated by what it's like to be a brother and a sister when you're all grown up (and don't share a room or even live within six hours travel of each other...) Not that we actually managed much 'chatting' with 4 kids to wrangle! Ah well, at least we're In the same town for a bit! #siblings #storyofmum #allgrownup #littlebrother I don't have that many photos of me with the kids because mostly I'm the one taking the photos, but on Sunday afternoon, the hubs took this lovely one. I asked for a hug because I was feeling so tired, and they both rushed over and gave me the most delicious double hug. I'm pretty sure there is no better feeling than a super squishy double hug from your kids. #doublehug #storyofmum