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At yesterday's Mamas' Retreat, we made emergency mama support kits including @bloomremedies' delicious peppermint and lemongrass foot cream treats (thank you so much Marie!), @yogitea teabags to inspire at least five minutes of mama me-time, chocolate (of course), and a little note of comfort to remind us of our awesomeness on the tough days - we also wrote secret messages for each other's kits too. Then we tied that all up into a cute little pyramid, ready to break into when it all gets too much... Remember, you deserve appreciation and time for you mama - and not just in emergencies xx #storyofmum #mamasretreat #mamaseverydayretreat #mamametime #bloomremedies Post mamas' retreat faces :) It has been a bit of a bonkers weekend of everyone falling ill, and nothing quite turning out as planned, but it really was a pleasure to spend the morning with these beautiful brave bright women today, sharing our stories, getting creative, collaging, making emergency mama survival kits, and indulging in a lot of cake. There isn't much I love more. Thankyou Mamas xx #storyofmum #mamasretreat #mamametime Chocolate and lime cake anyone...? Mmmmmmmm. We had a smaller than usual #mamasretreat today due to illness, and managed a speedy relocation and rethink...well done us! For those who were able to make it, we still had a lovely time, but oh my goodness it seems that there are so many poorly mamas out there right now ☹️Sending love to all of those recovering today, and a vital reminder to make sure you still make time for yourself. On the plus side, at least we really enjoyed their cake for them, I've got plenty left to take home, and we'll see all the poorly mamas and their friends for more mama-nurturing next time! Thanks so much @sarahbirduk1 for another delicious cake xxx #storyofmum #cake #lovecake #lovepenzance #lovemamas #eatcake #recovery #getwellsoon There are probably an equal number of moments when I am racing into the room to break them up, with one or both screaming at having been 'accidentally' bashed in the chin, and me losing my rag - as there are delicious giggly joyful chilled out moments like these (she's clasping some spam from Churchill Insurance having been impersonating the dog, and now they're in fits of laughter talking about avocados... of course!) MY pause to lie down and laugh with them today reminded me of how important it is to notice these lovely moments when they come. They're not as noisy as the meltdown moments, (and that quiet often means a chance for me to get on and do something else without interruption...), so it's easy for me to busily miss the magic of them. And it really is magic - the sound of them laughing together about complete nonsense, just hanging out in bed on a weekend morning, is probably one of the very best sounds I have ever heard in my life, and it moved me from a grouchy poorly-feeling mood to a silly happy one this morning. I better remember to keep listening... #storyofmum #siblings #laughter #love #goodmorning This morning I sat on the ledge between the edge of the prom and the sea with a lovely friend, drinking my flask of coffee, talking about what we feared and what made us come alive. On the way home, I bumped into another friend and we had a long conversation about change and family and politics. The moment I got home, another friend contacted me, able unexpectedly to Skype, and we talked about love and vulnerability, loss and creativity. Funnily enough, today I thought I wanted quiet time to myself, some silent inward mama recuperation time after the hubbub of the school run, but instead my morning has been full of unexpected connection, rich with gifts of stories soft as moving clouds in a deep blue sky: reminders of how powerful our connections with each other can be - that we all fear, we all treasure. As mothers, as humans, we are all trying to make some sense of the world and our place in it, and we are never alone in that. And sometimes, the tide of a day rolls back, turning stones, and offering us things we didn't know we needed. Thankyou ❤️ #storyofmum #goodmorning #storycatching #friendship #connection #seatherapy I love the streaks of badger grey in my hair, some days... These are my mother stripes, each single white hair an unexpected gift that came in the days (and nights!) of motherhood: maybe one came with every hour unslept, every tear cried in fear and failure, or with every heart-lifting baby giggle and each child's gleeful laugh. However they came, it still surprises me sometimes that my hair is no longer deep brown. Some days I hanker for the youthful glory of my old hair: my pre-motherhood palette of chocolate and nut coloured hair gleaming golden in the sun, and yet somehow, I feel I am also slowly blooming into this moon-glow shimmering grey version of myself, and with it, perhaps, into a wiser mother. I hope so. #storyofmum #greyhair #hairstories #hairgoals #bloom (thanks @colleenattara for the word!) #motherhood