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The joy of meeting up with friends you haven’t seen in too long: bringing joy and colour to a wet grey day... #storyofmum #friendship #juicedate When Kate delivered this torte to our Mamas’ Retreat this weekend, she said “It’s Chocolate Torte and it’s got absolutely nothing in it, so I hope it tastes of something!”. Because this beautiful torte is free of animal products, dairy, refined sugar, soya and gluten... and covered in rose petals. 
And it tasted amazing. And soothed our bodies instead of irritating them (goodness knows we deal with enough irritation as mamas...!). It felt like we were being kind to ourselves, respecting our bodies, while also being indulgent. 
We guessed that it probably had lots of good avocado in there, and some banana, but goodness knows what else... Whatever it was, it was absolutely delicious, and remembering the experience of eating it inspires me to think that I might, just might, be able to work towards having less refined sugar in my life... Did I just say that out loud?! I have actually been limiting my refined sugar intake for a while but avoiding mentioning it to myself in the hope that I can then eat less of it without actually noticing... Which sounds bonkers and topsyturvy I know - but any time I think consciously about changing my diet in any way, that immediately makes me want to eat lots and lots of the thing I’m “denying” myself. 
Also, I suspect that I don’t want to give my beloved husband that lovely feeling of smugness he gets when he’s right (he’s been telling me how bad sugar is for our general health for so long, and he doesn’t eat it...), Which is a little ungenerous of me!

So my current brain tricking experiment is simply to look at this photo and remember how lovely this torte was, and to revel in all the deliciousness that is possible in food that is good for my body and mind... Does that work for you?

Also, tickets for our next Mamas’ Retreat on 13 May are now available and I’m asking for this torte again if we can get it! Link in profile... #storyofmum #yum #veganfood #sugarfreecake #mamasretreat Another beautiful moment from our Mamas’ Retreat on Sunday... On tiny handmade paper scrolls, we wrote reminders of our aims and ambitions; of the feelings we need to focus on to move forward. 
We conjured up the words we most needed to hear to boost our sometimes fragile faith in ourselves. 
We filled tiny little glass bottles with these words, and turned them into necklaces, so that our words and wishes could rest gently against our hearts, reminders of our faith and intention. 
And we walked back into our lives feeling stronger and clearer and in touch with our own magic.

Our next retreat will be on 13 May, tickets are now on sale - including some early bird tickets at a reduced price for those who would otherwise find it hard to join us. Find out more in my profile link.

Let us honour your quietest hopes and your boldest dreams ❤️ #storyofmum #mamasretreat  #mamametime #messageinabottle #smallsipsofcourage Wearing mismatched socks today to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day and raise awareness of all the awesome people rocking this world and making our lives better and brighter with an extra chromosome #rockyoursocks #worlddownsyndromeday #storyofmum Gorgeous afternoon to watch these beauties and their entire school running a mile or two for @sportrelief today. 
Feeling proud of them (even the one that mostly walked). Especially because running a mile is my idea of hell and I have such bad memories of cross country running at school... Thankfully, I managed not to mention my dark twisted memories to them today, I was all “Yay! Running! So much fun!” So I’m giving myself extra mama brownie points for that very convincing deceit... #storyofmum #sportrelief #running #schoolrun Feeling all the beauty in this moment. 
Even in the part when I slip into the cold cold water having not been in for a week and I feel the panic rise and the waves splashing into my eyes and all I can do is concentrate on my breath. Calming, breathing, calming, breathing, reminding myself that this will pass, that I am OK, that I am all these sensations in my body, and I am more than that. Calming my mind with my breath. 
Until I can roll on to my back and swim. Not fighting but rolling with the waves as they come. 
The sea gives me so much. 
Today, a reminder of my resilience, my ability to breathe through anxiety when it comes. To let it pass through like a wave.

And also, today, so many sunshiny sparkles, bright and crisp as the cold. That let me pretend I’m a mermaid, until the coldness of my skin reminds me I have legs and I’d better use them right now to clamber out without losing my bikini bottoms as I go... #magic #outdoorswimming #seaswimming #overcominganxiety #courage #cold #storyofmum