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The 9yo decided he wanted to photograph the dawn for his class photography competition, so 5am this morning saw us traipsing along the prom in PJs searching for the light, getting looks of bemusement and grins from joggers and early shift workers, as I shushed them both, hurrying the 6yo dragging behind, (smaller legs and not so sure about her last minute decision to join us after all!) Yes I definitely deserve a mum of the week award...! As it turned out, despite the cloudy forecast, it was worth it - a beautifully still morning, gorgeous sun breaking through for a little while, and a precious memory made between us. And the marmite toast when we got home tasted amazing. I'm so dopey now though...! #goodmorning #thethingswedoforlove #storyofmum (PS you can see the kids bleary eyed at just after 5 in the story above!) Sadly all that crazy dancing to Jeremy Healey last night left my feet too sore to learn to lindy hop at jubilee pool as an extra Golowan treat this lunchtime, but I did have a little go and loved watching the demonstrations (and the awesome outfits!) and the kids all had a go at learning (bribed by fair rides in the boys' cases...!) which was hilarious. A chance to sit down: what a treat! #golowan #lindyhop #jubileepool #storyofmum @jubileepool Lovely ladies on a much needed long awaited Mazey Day night out. Got to have a drink outside the Lugger to start obviously, then off to dance our aching mama feet into the ground to Ry Spencely and Jeremy Healey in the marquee until late (well, late for us these days!) Ace night had by all. Feeling grateful for late night babysitters, and mmmm just a little tender this morning...! :) #storyofmum #mumsnightout #mazeyday #golowan #lovepenzance A gorgeous sunshiny morning in Penzance, with the fair set up in the distance and the flags readying for Golowan, and the sun glinting off the water as luggers and fishing boats head out into the bay. And I got to sit next to my husband right here eating strawberries and slurping my first gulp of tea to wake up my brain (because we didn't have time to eat breakfast ourselves as it was such a KBS to get the kids up and out to school this morning, we're not quite back in the zone, and drinking a rum cocktail last night to keep the holiday spirit going when I finally finished work maybe wasn't our best plan...!). Getting excited about the weekend ahead., and feeling very lucky to be here. #storyofmum #golowan #golowanready #lovepenzance #penzance Good morning heaven :) Trying to make this moment last forever by doing everything as slowly as possible, including savouring this coffee, and then getting another one #storyofmum #coffeebythesea #longweekend #lateanniversarycelebration #gratefulforinlaws We've just had an amazing walk through a national park, smelling pine and juniper and flowers on the wind, to visit an old finca and museum, and now we're hiding from the midday sun under a lookout on top of a hill with the most amazing view over the sea and mountains, along with a bottle of cold water and Mallorcan snacks, and most important of all, each other. Honestly can't believe how lucky we are to be here with all this love and joy (and all the occasional hot-headed spats, don't worry we haven't lost touch with reality...!!) right now.  We really are appreciating every moment of this weekend. How happy and lucky are we?? #storyofmum #love #marriage #lateanniversarycelebration #gratefulforinlaws