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Welcome! We're Pippa and Penny of Story of Mum, a social enterprise changing the world, one beautiful brave exhausted mama at a time. 

We support amazing busy mothers who are trying to do it all but often feel inadequate, to bring more rest, joy and fulfilment into your life, even when that feels completely impossible. 

Connect with our supportive global village of open-hearted mamas to share the truth about the ups and downs of motherhood, your stories, doodles, failed craft projects and hopeful dreams. Join a Mamas' Retreat or access some one to one support. Make time for you, find your voice, and rewrite your story with us.

Feeling scared, low, depressed? Make a card for another mama whose courage you admire, and be reminded of your own - this month's creative activity for mothers from Story of Mum

This month's activity: ENCOURAGEMENT CARDS

Make and send a card to a mama whose courage you admire, and help her to see it too.

Let's be brave together this month.

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