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Recent instagrams

The matching set: an equally thrilling nativity performance this evening from the bigger kid and his friends. I even had a little cry at this one...! Yesterday the boy was all of a dither, worried about forgetting a really long line he had. We broke it down into bits and drew silly pictures and he felt a lot better... And today he said it all brilliantly, loud and clear. Oh.... that proud emotional feeling has got to be one of the very best parts of being a mum. And all of us feeling proud: the best feeling ever. Need to bottle that for a bad mummy day.

#storyofmum #nativity #proudmum #proudboy #proudking One happy Shepherd right there. 
She was awesome, even while fighting her way through an angel traffic jam mid-costume-malfunction. And so was everyone else, the singing was especially adorable. 
Oh I love school nativities so much! 
Lucky for me, we have another one to go to tonight... #shepherd #nativity #storyofmum No time to swim today because today there are two school nativities to go to, and work to be done. This morning, the grey sky somehow brings out the other colours, and the water looks thick brownish and murky: all broken seaweed, stirred up by the rain - and sadly we spotted what looked like four plastic bags being shoved about by the waves... an ugly visual reminder of why trying to become more #plasticfree is so important.

It's so much warmer out today though. Maybe I'll get in later between plays, you never know!

Wishing you a day free of murkiness, with more excitement than nerves, and some very special moments. 
#goodmorning #storyofmum #greyday #plasticfreepenzance Another magic morning. A great big heart in the sky. Super strength coffee. Interesting work on my to do list. Kids made it to school on time with warm enough clothes on and we remembered it's Christmas jumper day. Husband happy as there's good surf. I got a swim, and this view. My house is a lot warmer than it is outside and I have a safe roof over my head. I have food and treats to hand, and a blanket. Lucky indeed. How are you lucky today? 
Sending this great big sky heart to you today, and anyone else who could do with a little bit of extra love ❤️❤️ #storyofmum #lucky #heart #sky Looking back through holiday photos and remembering what we looked like after swimming in a *warm* sea: no icicle toes here!! And I really love this photo of us. Right now I'm feeling very lucky to have this handsome kind hard-working helpful *young* man in my life: even with all our bickering, we're a  good match - and finally, finally, I feel like I properly understand his lifelong need for the sea... I've always loved the sea, we've always had that in common, but until this year I've preferred my sea warm, or viewed from the coast...! I didn't understand the addictive quality and incredible feeling of getting into that sea whatever the weather, feeling part of something bigger, feeling brave and calm and excited and amazing when you get out - and the opposite feeling - of something missing when you don't get that chance to get in. 
I'm still not into surfing though, despite all his attempts to convince me over the last 20 years - those big waves scare me too much. It's swimming and bobbing about all the way for me...! #storyofmum #surfdude #seaswimmer #sealovers #marriage Compare and contrast: my latest attempt at a lovely Christmassy photo of them - just a few years on from that old one I posted a few days ago...not much has changed!! Ah the vision of a sibling Christmas photo that I have in my head is so lovely, and then... this usually happens. I do kind of love these photos anyway, guaranteed to make me laugh at least :) Are you attempting 'festive photos' this year? And if so, got any tips for me...?? #storyofmum #siblings #festivefamily #familyphotosession