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Recent instagrams

Family in the spotlight! (or in this case, the slightly less glamorous inside car light...) Spot my happy exhausted 9 year old boy and some of our very proud family heading home from his class's first ever performance of a Shakespeare play on a proper theatre stage for @ssf_uk! 
He was Benvolio in Romeo and Juliet and right now, I'm so full of pride - just seeing the effort and commitment and confidence and resilience and teamwork of his whole class. And their pride in themselves at the end was so beautiful to see - long may it last. They were AMAZING.

I don't think I ever studied Shakespeare at that age, let alone attempted to perform any. They are so lucky to have their engaged thoughtful hardworking teachers. 
And what a brilliant initiative the Shakespeare Schools Festival is, I'd never heard of it before this term! 
#storyofmum #proudmum #happyfamily #teachersareawesome #shakespeare The sea didn't look very welcoming this morning. But I went in anyway. 
I gave myself permission to just have a quick splash about to clear my head and prove to myself that I am brave enough to look after my body and my mind, even when I don't feel like I am... because I know how much better I feel afterwards. 
And that's exactly what I did: quickest swim ever! And then guided smoothly back in by my wave expert husband so that I didn't bash my knees on the stairs in the choppy swell. Phew. 
I think it all seemed a bit scarier than normal because I was up til 1.30am working on a new offering for Story of Mum that has got me all excited (more news on that coming soon!!) but also left me a bit dopey and droopy this morning... Wishing you the little bit of courage you need to move forward today, even if you haven't had enough sleep. Xx

#storyofmum #goodmorning  #bebrave ...And tickets are now on sale for January's Mamas' Retreat: precious mama me-time! (Link to book your place in Insta/Twitter bio and 'learn more' on FB). They've only just gone on sale this afternoon, and half have sold out already. It's a fantastic feeling knowing that lots of beautiful brave mamas will be treating themselves to much needed nurturing and a very special start to 2018. Will you join us too?

If you're dreaming of some time for yourself but can't make it to Cornwall, we can still help - we love hosting individually curated online retreats or creative coaching days too, so just ask - we'd love to help!

This is another picture from yesterday capturing a little taste of the courage, connection and creativity of some of the awesome women who joined us. 
#storyofmum #mamasretreat #lookingaftermummy This photo from yesterday captures so much that is precious about our Mamas' Retreats for me... Space to grow, to flourish, to celebrate your gorgeous bright beauty in the mirror of others' courage and generosity. To connect warmly and bravely and deeply with other mothers. To stretch your tired mama body in comfort, with love. To drink up all the goodness. To find and feel your inner light again. 
Hoping to get tickets up for sale on the website for our next retreat in January later today! 
#storyofmum #mamasretreat #mamametime #friendship More murmeration magic from Marazion's heart direct to yours. Oh my. How lucky are we. No filter. No human intervention, consumerism, or political game playing. Just glorious starlings and a big pink sky. Wonderful. Wow.

#murmeration #starlings #storyofmum #instafilm #wow We had another lovely Mamas' Retreat today. A pause to reflect on the year so far before the race towards Christmas: letting go of anything we don't want to take forward into 2018, and gathering up the seeds we have planted in 2017 that we hope will grow. 
Because even when it looks like nothing is happening on the surface, there is always something happening underneath... It can be so easy to focus on what we haven't done, instead of celebrating all that we have. So we took time to notice our everyday successes and small steps forward together.

We each wrote down some of our memories and lessons learned on a huge sheet of paper, and then folded it into a paper pot. 
Then we took time to plant the most special memories from the year on slips of paper inside the pot, along with soil from @peatproject's lovely kid-friendly allotment, hardy daff bulbs and wildflower seeds. 
The simple paper planter pots were inspired by @b.r.i.c.k.w.o.r.k.s' lovely #craftschool workshop at @newlynexchange a few months ago. Thankyou! So simple and satisfying to make.

We made some mini paper pots too, so that each mama could take away a little piece of extra cake to remind them to savour a mama me-time moment some time later this week... because taking time out for yourself is vital.

A perfect combination of influences and community support ❤️ I feel so lucky to be able to do this, with the amazing Leif, and so many beautiful brave Mamas.

#storyofmum #mamasretreat #sewingseeds #mamasretreats #mamametime